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Amazing Must Have Travel Tech to Carry in 2019

As people around the world get more and more amalgamated with each other, the bonds of humanity get stronger through connections being formed each day. This has propelled us to an era of travel and exploration as wanderlust is on its way to become a phenomenon and take over the minds of millions around the world.

The number of people traveling from one place to another has risen at an astonishingly high rate over the past few decades as modes of transportation have become better connected and modernized for a comfortable experience. 

But are all these people traveling around the world even prepared for all scenarios, or equipped with the right balance of gadgetry to make their travel even better? Sadly, not. A majority of travelers are ill-equipped to get the most out of their trips and are often left disappointed due to lack of travel tech they should have carried. But fret not! Here is a list of some amazing must-have gadgets that one should carry when traveling: 

Must have Travel Techie to Carry in 2019

Power Bank

Power banks are the most underrated travel tech to ever exist. Many travelers realize the importance of a power source when they drain their primary devices such as phones and tablets or Bluetooth headsets to even laptops and speakers. A power bank is capable of charging these devices and more, with its ample juice. Just make sure to get yourself a portable power bank that packs a decent amount of charging power and supports two-way fast charging. Not only will a two-way fast charging capability charge your other gadgets faster, but will also reduce the charge time on the massive power bank. Power banks are your best friends when your phone or other important tech runs out of battery when playing games like leovegas baccarat online.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Traveling is generally a fun experience, but sometimes one just wants to be in their own bubble, away from any external noise or interference. This is where the role of a good pair of noise cancelling headphones comes in. Headphones are great to listen to audio and pass time but a noise cancelling feature can really elevate your audio experience and prevent from outside noise to enter your ears. This makes them, both a great source of entertainment as well as a barrier to keep noise at bay. This one is also a must have when traveling.

Universal Travel Adapter

While this might not be as useful when you are traveling within the same country, but can make a ton of difference for international travelers. A universal travel adapter ensures that your home country bought cables and accessories do not go to waste when you travel, and you can make their use to stay connected and charge up, etc. Prefer to buy an adapter that is easily compatible to travel with in more countries. The number of ports will also be a major factor here to be able to charge up or use multiple devices at the same time. 

Power Cables

One frequent mistake travelers often commit is not carrying enough cables for their devices and then having to prioritize charging one device over the other at the same time. Carrying at least a couple of power cables can easily solve this problem and save you from the hassles of charging one device over another. Just make sure that your cables are of durable quality and are long enough to be comfortable to access your devices even when they are charging at a distance.


What do you do if you want to ramp up the entertainment factor but don’t wish to carry the bulk of a laptop around? You carry a tablet with you! Tablets are great travel companions as you get the luxury of a bigger touch screen at the cost of just a little more space and weight than a phone, but much lower than that of a laptop. They are great to make the best use of space and are also great for small spaces such as plane and bus seats.


While smartphone cameras are getting better each passing day, they still do not equal the performance of a proper camera that can take stunning photographs without much effort. There are many inexpensive point and shoot cameras in the market today that can easily beat out even the best smartphone cameras.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers have rapidly transformed into some of the most needed entertainment tech in the market, with their demand skyrocketing as speakers get more technologically advanced. A Bluetooth speaker can ensure that you can get the party to you, anytime, anywhere. Portability is a big factor though, as Bluetooth speakers can range from anywhere between your palm to half a human in size. Make sure to grab one that can easily be carried when you travel and packs a punch enough to be heard by everyone. Battery capacity and water resistance are other important features to look at when getting a Bluetooth speaker for travel.

Portable Hard Drive

Imagine running out of space to store your memorable pictures from travel? Or lacking storage to put your important documents? This is where a portable hard drive comes in. It ensures that you are never short of storage when you travel. A portable hard drive is a handy solution to keep your computer free of mess and always be able to carry your work around, no matter how much space it consumes.

Portable Washing Machine

Yes, you read it right. Portable Washing Machines are a thing. And why should they not be? Travelers are often left in a dilemma when their hotels don’t offer laundry services or if you are stuck in remote locations without electricity or means to wash your clothes! A portable washing machine is the size of a computer mouse and can clean a bucket of clothes at a time. All you need is some water in the bucket and some cleaning agent to use in the portable washing machine.

Accessory case

Accessories like power cables, portable hard drive, and any other fragile, easily damaged piece of tech need to be protected from unseen falls and damages. A hard shell accessory case can protect your important gadgets in such scenarios. 

Water purifier bottle

You never know if the place you’re visiting has enough clean water to quench your thirst. Many countries around the world struggle to provide clean drinking water to their citizens. People from developed nations might find it hard to adjust to the fresh water available in other countries, that might be too harsh for them and could even make them fall ill due to improper treatment or presence of harshness. A water bottle with in built water purifier is a simple yet effective way to always be ensured of the best water quality when you travel.

Utility Swiss knife

Swiss knifes that actually resembled a knife are a thing of the past. The present is all about credit card resembling utility kits/ Swiss knives that can handle multiple tasks with ease. They are a must have carry essentials for unforeseen circumstances or to just even open a can or bottle!

Multisport GPS Watch

A smartwatch in 2019 is capable of extraordinary feats, thanks to manufacturers like Samsung and Apple putting in the extra effort of adding useful quirks to make them feature rich. From basic GPS monitoring to making calls, sending out emergency signals and most importantly, telling time, smartwatches have a lot to offer.

Compression Packing Cubes

Almost everyone one of us faces the problem of lack of storage space for essentials when packing bags to travel. Compression packing cubes are the perfect antidote to solve this problem. These space-efficient cubes have built-in compressions zips to make the packing smaller and easier to manage.

Travel iron

The biggest downside to packing clothes in a suitcase is the high chances of their ironing to get ruined. This leaves on with crushed clothes or with creased suits and trousers that no one wants to wear. Travel irons are compact irons to solve this problem. They are a miniature version of normal sized irons and are capable of almost the same feats, just at a smaller scale.

Tech Travel Bag

Once we have the travel tech ready, it all comes down to the bag we’ll be carrying it all in. A compact yet space-efficient tech bag is the best vessel to carry all the high tech equipment. An anti-theft bag pack with water resistance and multiple compartments is the right set of features to look for. In built power banks and self-sustaining solar powered bag packs are other quirky over the top bags you can set your eyes on.

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