List of Vodafone Message Center Number in India

Are you looking for Vodafone SMS Center Number or vodafone message center number, you are in the right place.  We are provide 100% working vodafone sms service center number and process to insert message centre number.  Vodafone of the leading mobile networks in India. Vodafone providing 2G, 3G and 4G data services in India. Recently it’s was merged in IDEA network, so you will get an error while sending messages. The below procedure will help you whole to over come the error.

Before going to explain the procedure of vodafone message center number insertion i will explain what is it mean. The Vodafone SMS Center Number is not a rocket science. It’s just a number that connect to vodafone  satellite server, when we send message it will send to message service center and than it was forwarded to recipient number that you need to send.

Vodafone Message Center Number

Vodafone Message Center Number for All Circles:

Vodafone SMS center number : +919846000040

The below table shows that All msg center number Vodafone, each state has the different number so you can get your state SMS center number.

Vodafone service Center Number Kolkata  +919830099990
Vodafone Center Number North East  +919774099990
Message Center Number Karnataka  +919886005444
Vodafone Message Number Jammu & Kashmir  +919796009905
Vodafone Msg Center Number Rajasthan  +919839099999
Vodafone sms Center Number Haryana  +919839099999
Vodafone sms Center Number Himachal Pradesh  +919736009911
Vodafone sms Center Number Assam  +919706099990
Vodafone Message Number Delhi  +919811009998
Vodafone sms Center Number Mumbai  +919820205446
Vodafone SMS Center Number Gujarat  +919825001002
Vodafone sms center number Orissa  +919776099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Telangana  +919885005444
Vodafone msg Center Number Chennai  +919843000040
Vodafone sms Center Number Andhra Pradesh  +919885005444
Vodafone Message Center Number Bihar  +919706099990
Vodafone msg Center Number Jharkhand  +919709099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Kerala  +919846000040
Vodafone Center Number Punjab  +919888009998
Vodafone Message Center Number Chhattisgarh  +919713099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh  +919719009998
Vodafone msg Center Number Madhya Pradesh  +919713099990
Vodafone Center Number Uttar Pradesh east +919839099999
Vodafone Message Center Number West Bengal +919732099990

Process to Fix Vodafone Message Center Numbers:

The below Steps to the change message service center number.

  • Click on Menu then open Message application.
  • Select Message setting now you can see these screenshot.

airtel sms center number

  • Here Select Text message(SMS), Enter into it.
  • In this below Screenshot, Here click on SMS Service Center.

vodafone sms center number

  • Now  enter the number that given above table.
  • Fine, all the required information now set, you finally solved your problem.

Hope you finally got the solution to sms center number error fix. Here we wrote about the vodafone message center number, message center number for airtel and Message center number, in future we will update more information about this.

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